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2 years to plan a wedding? Give us 1 week!

We know what you’re thinking; 1 week turn around to source the venue and confirm all aspects of a wedding (including Food & Beverage) is impossible, right? Well, you’d be wrong!

Our client came to us on the 1st of August with the following request:

“We want to get married 4 weeks from today and need a venue that isn’t super formal, allows for 50 people and has a balcony with views. Please find something that will blow us away, we want something different”

Challenge accepted!

That screamed Penthouse to us and we were lucky enough to secure one of the BEST (listed in Melbourne’s TOP 10 residencies) in Melbourne.

With an open plan design (that allows 100PAX comfortably), commercial grade in-house bar, elevated timber dance floor, fully integrated sound system throughout, 3 bathrooms and access to 4 expansive balconies – this was THE perfect venue for our clients wedding which would be certain to leave an impact on all in attendance.


This is what our clients had to say after their initial site inspection:

‘I don’t think we could love this venue any more, it’s BREATH TAKING! From the moment we stepped through the doors we had to pick our jaws up from the floor. Please book it for our wedding immediately!’

So we did, we also confirmed all extra requirements on the same day (this includes Food & Beverage, Theming, Accommodation and Transport)

Congratulations lovebirds!

Request sent to The Ideas Library: 1st August, 2013
All requirements confirmed: 8th August, 2013

Does this venue look like something you’d be interested in booking for your upcoming event?

Get in touch with us at or (03) 9995 2804 to book a meeting where we can discuss your requirements and ways to make your upcoming event a success!

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