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Eat, drink and be married!

We spent our Australia Day organising and running one of the most fantastic weddings yet and have the following tips to share with you:

1. Hire an event/wedding manager -  There are so many different aspects of a wedding to take care of and manage that having the assistance of an event/wedding manager can really alleviate unnecessary stress. By placing the responsibility onto a professional organiser it ensures that during the lead up and on the event day, you have nothing but confidence that your wedding will be perfect.This is especially crucial for those who get overwhelmed easily and really don’t want to deal with daily phone calls from suppliers (also those who don’t like to negotiate)

2. Do a site inspection and have your wedding manager attend with you before booking - Here you want to discuss the property layout, things such as ceremony, reception, where guests can park, what facilities are available, how many toilets are on site (will you need to hire more?), catering and beverage set up, electrical access points, noise restrictions (if any), available lighting, etc

3. Make sure you have a weather contingency plan - If any aspect of your wedding is outdoors, hire a marquee. This way you can take certain aspects outside and still be confident that regardless if it rains (it’s good luck, remember?) you’re still covered 

4. Over cater, over cater, over cater - What’s the first thing you remember about a wedding? The food! This is one of the most crucial components and shouldn’t be skimped on. Make sure you order substantial food that packs a punch, especially if guests will be consuming large quantities of alcohol (it’s a party after all). Remember to take into consideration dietary requirements but not to make them the basis of your menu selections. web services The food should be reflective of your taste and overall theme. Don’t serve up something you wouldn’t eat yourself and don’t feel you need to play it safe (weddings don’t mean main dishes of chicken and/or beef only!) Venues will often allow an external caterer or be willing to have you speak specifically to their chef to create a custom menu at no extra charge!

5. Get creative and theme it like you mean it – Nobody wants to walk into a room that hasn’t been dressed. Here it is imperative that you theme your wedding whilst not overdoing it (less IS more). We suggest creating a concept with your wedding planner and having it themed by a professional to ensure your vision really comes to life.

6. Choose a DJ or live music -  It’s important to go with music that will achieve the type of ‘party’ you want. Not into dancing? Why not have some background music such as an acoustic guitarist with vocals, a piano player or even a violinist? Want a huge dance party vibe? Invest in a DJ that will keep your party going well into the night with your favorite tracks (you can even ask guests to write down their favorite songs on their RSVP’s!)

7. Set a finish time and stick to it - People will party as long as you allow them, and as much as you want to stick around it’s important to be aware that some venues have a cut off time (especially private venues). We recommend that your wedding manager takes care of this aspect for you, ensuring guests are winding down at least 45minutes-1hour prior to pack down.

8. Enjoy yourself and take the time to be in the moment  - Wedding days/nights are over in the blink of an eye. In fact, one of the most common things we hear from couples is how quick the day went! We suggest you take the time to sit with your partner and take a look at what is around you, the people who are there to celebrate your love and to show you their support. It’s important that you enjoy yourselves and don’t feel rushed in anyway, it’s your day/night after all (one more thing, don’t forget to eat!)

Tying the knot and need some assistance? Get in touch with us on or (03) 9995 2804 and let us help make your day unforgettable!

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